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Solar panels can save you money at the same time as reducing your carbon emissions. They’re a win-win.

At Ecovision we’re on a mission to help homeowners reap the benefits of solar generation. We handle all the admin and technical stuff, so you can sit back and enjoy clean, affordable electricity whenever the sun’s up.

We’ve done over 5,000 installations on all kinds of buildings across the UK. Older homes or new builds, if the roof is suitable we’ll find a way to fit a solar system.

Invest for long-term savings

A typical rooftop Domestic Solar Installation will cost somewhere between £5,000 and £10,000. There’s a fair few variables* that affect the return on that investment, but we work all that out so you know what you’re getting.

In simple terms, the system could pay for itself, through savings on your energy bills, in as little as seven years.

*Like which way the roof faces and how steep it is; whether you live in a sunny neighbourhood; how much electricity you use and what you pay for it; how much you can get from the Smart Export Guarantee … and a few other things.

Large Domestic Solar Installation
Installation of Solar PV systems

End-to-end service

The Ecovision team deals with everything, from the initial survey and design, through installing and connecting the panels, and on to metering.

We have in-house designers and project managers, and teams of installers and electrical engineers out on the road, fitting new systems and keeping them running at peak efficiency.

We’ll also sort out your Energy Performance Certificate, which grades your building’s overall energy efficiency and suggests ways to improve it.

Free quotation with zero commitment

We just need a ten-minute chat on the phone and we can put together an estimate for you with a detailed financial forecast.

We’ll do a desktop survey of your house, work out the size of the system and how much it will generate. The up-front costs are itemised, along with projected savings and the expected payback period.

You can leave it there if you want, but if you do decide to go ahead the whole installation should only take a couple of days.

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How do solar panels work?

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic (PV) cells. When sunlight hits these cells, it excites electrons, making electrical current flow.

Are solar panels suitable for my property?

That depends on roof direction, pitch, shading, and local climate. We can do a quick assessment for free.

What is the cost of solar panel installation?

The cost varies based on size, type and complexity (and prices can change over time). A residential installation is likely to be somewhere between £5,000 and £10,000, but give us a call and we’ll give you an accurate quote.

What are the benefits of solar panel installation?

Pay less for your electricity.

Emit less carbon.

Increase your property’s value.

Be less dependent on the national grid.

How long is the payback period for solar panels?

Typically, just a few years. It all depends on your electricity price, how much energy the panels generate, and what you can get from the Smart Export Guarantee.

How long do solar panels last?

The panels have a 25 year warranty but often last longer than this (although efficiency drops a bit over time).

Do I require a battery?

No, you don’t need to have one, but it can be a good idea. We’ll work out whether a battery makes financial sense for your situation.

Do solar panels require any maintenance?

Not a lot. They benefit from occasional cleaning and checking for debris or damage,.

Can solar panels work during cloudy days or at night?

They work on cloudy days (just not as efficiently as sunny days), but not at night.

Can I monitor my usage?

Yes, you can download apps to see real time generation and usage data.

How long will my installation take

Usually between one and three days, depending on the complexity of your system.

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