Our history

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Ecovision started its journey in 2010, as an installer of solar panels on domestic rooftops.

A few years and several thousand projects later, we’d learned a fair bit about not just the fitting of these systems, but also how to keep them running at maximum efficiency.

We kept developing our services and systems for managing existing solar as the government phased out the incentives for building new ones, thus stalling its growth across the UK from 2016 onwards. We just worked harder on finding new ways to help our clients get the most from the panels already on their rooftops.

In recent years, with equipment costs falling and energy prices rising, the economics of solar have shifted again. Cost savings are up, payback periods are down. And householders and businesses are also clueing in to the huge environmental benefits of solar generation.

That’s why we have once again thrown our energy behind installing new systems, alongside managing all those existing installations.

Because, while our history may be interesting (to us, at least) it’s our future that matters. And we won’t rest until we see solar on every suitable roof in the UK, all working to its full potential.