Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club

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9am - 5.30pm Monday - Friday

Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club is a popular venue for members and non-members to enjoy a round of golf and a “pint and a post-round natter” set in some beautiful Worcestershire countryside.

Having fully refurbished their clubhouse in 2020, and offering private functions and family events alongside their regular activity meant that taking a step to lower their energy costs was a practical next-step for the committee. 

System size: 46 kWp

Energy generation: 40,812.85 kWh/year

Carbon emissions saving: 5,328 kg/year

Number of PV modules: 108 x 425W Photovoltaic Monocrystalline Panels

Inverters: 1 x 40kW Solax Three-Phase Inverter

Having looked at installing solar panels in the past but never taking the next step, recent discussions with their energy providers showing that their bills were about to triple spurred the Churchill & Blakedown committee into action. Keen to take advantage of some local government funding, the Golf Club commissioned a full report into their energy usage and system requirements, which was in turn used by the Ecovision design team to create a thorough proposal for a bespoke system for the clubhouse – including a requested battery to store excess energy for usage on days with reduced sunlight.

“It’s a shame that it took an energy crisis for us to go ahead with a decision we should have made 10 years ago, we could have been seeing the benefits for years by now”

Bob Julier

Honorary Secretary, Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club

Key Benefits of Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club’s Solar Installation:

  1. Saving of nearly 6,000kg of C02 emissions per year.
  2. A huge step to becoming self-sufficient in energy consumption.
  3. Large monthly savings on energy costs to mitigate impending high bills.

There was a short timeline provided on the installation in order to be eligible for the funding. A DNO application had not yet been submitted to the network operator so the Ecovision team took charge of this on behalf of the Golf Club, working tirelessly to get this processed on time and confirming an installation date as early as possible to ensure the installation could proceed and the funding could be granted.

The Ecovision team were proud to be undertaking a Solar PV installation on Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club, as a venue with such a varied social calendar that is used by local families and visitors from around the country, seeing the system in use is a great way to promote renewable and sustainable energy.

Despite the pressure to get this installation completed in a short timeframe, Ecovision rose to the challenge and provided the Churchill & Blakedown their requested system without any issues along the way, taking a total of 4 days for completion using well-vetted and trusted sub-contractors, ready in time for a wedding taking place at the clubhouse that weekend.

“The Ecovision team were extremely helpful in assisting us with the grant application process and also liaising with the District Network Operator and helping us achieve a successful installation”

Adrian Aston

Committee Member, Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club