Solar Integration for Dorset Council

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Tailored Solutions for 34 kWp Multiple Sites

Dorset Council’s commitment to community sustainability led to the vision of implementing solar energy solutions across multiple sites. Through detailed planning and a proactive approach, we secured the tender and successfully installed Solar PV systems to align with their sustainability goals.

Our partnership with Dorset Council signifies a tangible step towards a greener future, demonstrating our combined dedication to renewable energy solutions.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Approach: Prior to bidding, we leveraged cutting-edge software for precise solar array designs, ensuring optimal energy generation. Post-contract award, we undertook thorough site inspections in collaboration with council representatives to align with the project’s vision.

Strategy Outcome: Such preliminary engagements ensured that the installations matched sitespecific requirements while also aligning with Dorset Council’s overarching green energy objectives.

Building Trust: Our integrated team of roofers and electrical engineers, backed by standby teams, demonstrated our commitment to project continuity, reinforcing confidence in our ability to manage unexpected challenges.

Project Mobilisation & Management:

Phases & Risks: Following the contract award, a meticulous Gantt Chart was created and shared, offering both a high-level project overview and site-specific schedules. The inclusion of contingency periods for unpredictable setbacks exemplified our foresight.

Mitigation: Consistent stock deliveries and advanced procurement ensured smooth operations on each site, alongside scheduled risk assessments for optimal safety.

Strategic Risk Management:

Identification: Recognising potential challenges, such as tree-induced shading, prompted modifications like the incorporation of optimisers on panels, ensuring efficiency is never compromised.

Mitigation: Regular dialogues with council and building contacts, coupled with swift decisions, for example our adaptive spec amendments, ensured risks were addressed proactively.

Multi-site Portfolio Management:

Experience: Managing installations across a diverse range of sites within the Dorset portfolio necessitated an efficient approach to meet site-specific demands while upholding uncompromising quality standards.

Prioritisation: Advanced stock procurement and systematic deliveries, coupled with well-planned schedules facilitated efficient multi-site project management.

Handover Training:

Building Managers: Comprehensive orientations were provided on system functionality, maintenance routines, and optimal utilisation.

Site Users: Engagement sessions emphasised the benefits of solar energy, equipping them with essential knowledge for day-to-day interactions.

Operation & Maintenance:

Post-installation, our teams conducted thorough tests to confirm system efficiency and compliance with design specifications. Every site was meticulously cleared of debris, ensuring public safety before progressing to subsequent sites.

Our endeavours with Dorset Council are reflective of our holistic approach to solar integrations, balancing technical prowess with stakeholder engagement. Each site is treated uniquely, with adaptive strategies to ensure efficiency and satisfaction.