Stanley Park Sports Ground

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9am - 5.30pm Monday - Friday

Stanley Park Sports Ground is a world-class, 47-acre sports facility offering a range of sports.

One of Wiltshire’s largest outdoor sporting venues, energy consumption through floodlights, changing rooms & clubhouses, conference rooms, and kiosks was at a high level.

System size: 40 kWp

Energy generation: 34,776 kWh/year

Carbon emissions saving:  4,120 kg/year – equivalent of planting 275 trees

Return on Investment: 2.7 years

Already conscious of the benefits of renewables – including spectator shelters being upcycled from trolley shelters in a local supermarket – Stanley Park looked to move towards Solar.

The Stanley Park Sports Ground committee were introduced to the Ecovision team, who carried out a thorough site survey to analyse the building size and shape in order to create a bespoke Solar System design, aiming to cover as much energy usage as possible.

Key Benefits of Stanley Park Sports Ground’s Solar Installation:

  1. Only 2-year payback period on system.
  2. 30% level of self-sufficiency leading to huge reductions in energy bills.
  3. A step in the right direction for the Sports Ground’s Net-Zero initiative.

Ecovision were asked to design a system to cover the daily consumption of the sports ground, but also to cover the consumption of the new air source heat pump also being installed. As such a bespoke 40kW system, predicted to produce 34,776 kWh each year was installed.

The Ecovision team also installed a smart generation meter to enable the Building Management System (BMS) to monitor the Solar PV generation and intelligently power the Heat Pump from the surplus energy.

A request came in from the Stanley Park committee to install a two-inverter system, with the aim that if one were to develop a fault the building would still be supplied by the other leading to continued peace of mind and constant clean energy production.