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Solar PV systems are fairly robust, but as with any technology, parts may need repair or replacement at some point in their 25-year lifespan.

External factors can also have an impact, most obviously how clean the panels are kept.

Our Solar Panel Maintenance services are set up to respond swiftly to any reported faults. And they’re also geared towards preventive intervention to stop problems arising in the first place.

Faults fixed fast

When something goes wrong it’s usually flagged first by our monitoring platform (occasionally someone on-site spots it before we do).

This might be a component failure somewhere on the system, or an unexpected drop in output – typically anything below 75% of predicted generation.

We aim to resolve all faults within 3 days and most within 24 hours. Our engineers carry many of the most-used spares, while larger and less common parts are sent out from one of our warehouses.

Highly skilled Solar Panel Maintenance workers
Solis Solar PV systems

Periodic inspections

Our preventive solar panel maintenance services are based around regular electrical inspections (in line with industry guidelines and RC62 compliance).

An experienced Ecovision technician, armed with the right testing equipment, can spot issues before they impact performance. Their detailed inspection report will point out where replacements or upgrades will add efficiency and resilience.

We can also provide Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) which, along with regular solar inspections, are becoming a condition of insurance for many businesses.

Panel cleaning

Anything that prevents sunlight from reaching the panels – such as dirt, shade or bird droppings – will reduce their output.

Regular cleaning can improve performance by up to 30%. It also extends the lifespan of the panels, both directly (because dirt can be corrosive) and indirectly (because dirt can hide problems that need attention).

Your local air quality, bird population, tree cover, system design and roof access are all factors in how often the panels will need cleaning.

Solar Panel Maintenance
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Bird control

We can’t ignore the fact that our feathered friends can make a fearful mess.

Some areas (the lucky ones) are immune, but in many parts of the country, bird droppings are the number one cause of a dip in solar panel performance.

Ecovision‘s bird control team provides both reactive and preventive services – just like the rest of the solar panel maintenance crew. We’ll clear out nests and infestations, and deep-clean panels, bringing in electrical technicians to repair and test anything that’s damaged.

We also fit galvanised metal mesh protection to keep the birds off and force them to nest elsewhere.

O&M packages

We provide a suite of packages that combine elements of our monitoring and maintenance services.

These range from a single, standalone service to a comprehensive Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contract.

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