Solar Performance Monitoring

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You need to know that your solar panels are converting sunshine into electricity as efficiently as possible.

Ecovision’s Solar Performance Monitoring​ Services have been built with the single-minded aim of optimising performance. We get live reports from all the systems we manage, and these reveal not just the obvious faults but also subtle signs of under-performance.

We also have a wealth of real-world data from thousands of installations and more than a decade of operation. This means we can accurately predict what each individual system should be generating – and spot the gaps as soon as they appear.

Analysis & action (not just data)

We take generation rates (down to half-hourly level) and on-site consumption profiles, and we mix them with historic irradiation data and multiple weather models. Then we add in performance numbers from our 18,000 installations and stir vigorously.

In reality, of course, we set some complex algorithms to work. And the result of all the number-crunching is a highly accurate picture of forecast performance compared with actual yield.

Most importantly, our reporting tools highlight any gaps between the two. A red flag is raised on any system that under-performs for 48 hours (or that reports a fault on any component) and we either fix the issue remotely or send our maintenance team into action.

Solar Performance Monitoring
Large Solar PV Systems Monitoring

Dedicated monitoring platform

Over the years we’ve developed our own custom-built platform for Solar Performance Monitoring rooftop solar systems.

We call it EAMS (it stands for Ecovision Asset Management System). It’s a cloud-based portal for live monitoring, performance analysis, and fault alarms and diagnosis.

Clients with a full O&M package benefit from EAMS and have access to the EAMS Portal, for up-to-date performance data on their portfolios.