The Ecovision team

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Simon Godfrey – Managing Director

Simon has  been here almost since the very start (2011 to be precise) and has helped navigate the business through significant industry change and sector growth.

Before joining the renewable energy sector, Simon worked as a policy analyst for the IPCC as well as stints in finance and European logistics. He has experience with solar thermal energy and air source heat pumps as well as the solar PV that is Ecovision’s core technology. Simon is active with the Solar Trade Association, and was one of the founding members of their Rooftop Asset Management working group. He helped write their best practice guide, so there’s never any hiding place for anyone at Ecovision.

Andy Fearn – Finance & Central Services Director

Andy looks after all the financial activities of Ecovision and our clients. He has experience in senior finance roles across a range of industries, including hospitality, software, and property development. This breadth of knowledge makes him uniquely qualified to guide the senior Ecovision team on anything to do with accounting, analytics, cost control, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting.

His strategic approach helps us to steer the business towards greater growth and profitability, while his attention to detail and drive for efficiency means the finance team operates like as well-oiled machine.

Andy Jarvis – Senior Project Support Manager

Andy keeps the Ecovision machine running smoothly. Whether it’s a new installation or maintaining an existing system, it’s Andy’s focus that ensures processes are followed and best practices adhered to.

He is relatively new to the solar energy sector, having joined Ecovision in 2022. But he brought massive experience and relevant discipline from the home improvement and construction industry, most recently from US-based multinational Masco Corporation. Andy has also worked alongside major housebuilders and the UK Government on environmental and sustainability codes of practice. Getting solar panels fitted to as many roofs as humanly possible is a personal mission for Andy.

Matthew Harnack – Sales & Marketing Director

Matt has worked in renewable energy since 1998 and has previously held roles including O&M Director at British Solar Renewables, where he ran a ground mount solar O&M business managing 54 solar farms.

Interim Commercial Director at Powervault, where he ran customer support, field operations, partnership projects and commercial analysis for a battery storage manufacturer. Head of Good Energy’s Feed-in Tariffs payments business, where he more than doubled customer numbers for the second largest provider of solar power subsidy payments in the UK. And head of sustainable energy commercialisation initiatives for the NSW Government in Australia, where he oversaw the rebranding, marketing and 900% growth of Australia’s National Green Power Accreditation Scheme in partnership with almost every energy supplier in the country. He is currently also a Non-Executive Director at Bath and West Renewable Energy.

Ashleigh Cope – Head of Operations

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Sara Smith – Head of Central Services & Project Management

Sara has the challenge of keeping all of us at Ecovision on track to deliver everything we’ve committed to. The job has been compared to herding cats. But Sara makes it look easy, with her powerful combination of laser-like focus and winning charm.

With seven years’ experience in renewable energy and project management, she has always taken a strategic approach to project execution, ensuring not only the successful completion of tasks but also the cultivation of high-performing teams. Sara is great at fostering a collaborative team culture, with an emphasis on communication, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence.

Nick Newens – Head of Technical

Nick has over 40 years’ experience in the electrical industry, and has worked across domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural installations.

Well over a decade of that has been in the renewables sector, primarily on rooftop and ground-mount solar PV systems. Nick has been with Ecovision since 2021 and works closely with our O&M and installation teams.

Thomas Hawtin – Head of Sales – PV Installations and O&M Services

With over two decades of experience in sales across multiple industry sectors, Thomas has developed a diverse range of skills including team management, business process, strategy, account management, project management, and product development. He has honed his negotiation skills through a strong foundation of process, but he also believes in building relationships with a “people buy people” approach. Thomas recently joined Ecovision and is eager to apply his skills to drive the growth of installation sales in the renewables sector. He is known for taking on any challenge presented to him and leveraging his broad spectrum of skills to achieve success.